Wizard's Crystal Ball MLB 2018 Winners!!!!

Baseball is one of those sports that you simply can not predict.  Money doesn't always buy championships - but it sure helps.  

Here we go...

National League East:   Washington Nationals -  their pitching is just too darn good. The only competition I see here is themselves.  Bryce Harper is in his last year of a contract.  He can be very very good or - he can implode.  But I think they finally get off the schnide.

National League Central:  Chicago Cubs - Rizzo and Bryant, if healthy can have banner years. Picking up Darvish was just what the doctor ordered.   Pirates let the face of the franchise (McCutchen) go to the Giants.  They will pay for that for years.

 National League West:   San Francisco Giants - the world is predicting the Dodgers and why not?  Well, I will tell you why -  they've come close every year, and every year they fall short.  Sooner or later you lose motivation.  I think the time has come.

Wild Cards:    Los Angeles Dodgers -  New York Mets.

Nationals over Dodgers, and  Cubs over Giants in playoffs.

American League East -  New York Yankees - ok, so maybe money DOES buy championships.  Sorry.

Amercian League Central -   Cleveland Indians - see LA Dodgers above.  This is the exact opposite.  This team HAS to win eventually and it's the last year of Chief Wahoo.

Amercian League West -  Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - wait, what?  What happened to the Astros???  Well, I didn't buy the Astros last year, and I ain't buying them again in 2018.  If I never hear Joe Buck utter the words "Altuve" again it'll be too soon.  I think they may have gotten married in the off season.  Astros will fail miserably.

Wild Cards:  Houston Astros (ok, maybe not miserably) and Boston Red Sox

Red Sox over Angels, and The Tribe over the Yankees in playoffs.

Nationals over Cubs in NL Championship series.

Indians over Red Sox in AL Championship series.

CLEVELAND INDIANS win World Series in 6 games.

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