George Washington slept at Charlotte Motor Speedway?

Charlotte is the home to NASCAR.  But even outside of NASCAR, we're known for amazing car events and there are none bigger the the annual Charlotte Pennzoil Auto Fair!

My friend Scott Cooper from Charlotte Motor Speedway dropped by the 1065 studios to talk about this weekend's Auto Fair at the track.  We talked about all the cool movie cars that will be there.  Some Panther's player past and present are putting some of their custom cars in the show and even signing autographs.

One of my favorite parts is all the crazy food that will be available while you're there.  Charlotte Motor Speedway's head Chef even came in and brought us the BACON WRAPPED BEEF HOT DOG.  It was sinful and my body is upset with me.  Worth it though.  Check out the Miami-Vice Cream while you're there too!

At the very end of our interview I asked Cooper to tell us something we didn't know about Charlotte Motor Speedway.  He mentioned George Washington.  Not sure I believe it, but hey... you never know.  He DID say "He's rumored to have..."  Watch that part at 7:08!


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