Play list: Underexposed with Divakar Aug 19, 2018

Band Name - Song

Flagship - Midnight

American Theory - Cancers And Cures

Bassh - Yo Yo Heart

M4 Messenger - Face Deface

M4 Messenger - Shadow

Kevin Marshall and the J-Walkers - Am I Missing Something?

Robert Johnson Jr. - Warewolves Make Lousy Boyfriends

Bless These Sounds Under The City - The Sleeping

Diamonds & Whiskey - Whiskey Down

Royal Teeth - Never Gonna Quit

Party Battleship - Almost Overton

It's Snakes - Lamb Boogie

Hipgnostic - Ape In Me

Cline - Alive

Mr Harrison and the Congregation - Shadow

Fitness - Matter Of time

Natural Born Leaders - Time Flies By

Fiftywatt Freight Train - Whiskey & Hate

Revelry Soul - Working Man

The Phantom Friends - Southend Sold

The Business People - Cocaine Girls

Rosewave - Black Star

The Grand Shell Game - Change The Times

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