Atlanta Motor Speedway VP Arrested for Peeping In Girl's Room

HAMPTON, Ga. - The vice president of finance for Atlanta Motor Speedway was arrested for allegedly peeping into his neighbor’s daughter’s room and recording it on his phone, WSB-TV reported.

Scott Warshaw, the homeowner, told WSB he can’t believe what police said happened when they arrested Michael Bruner.

Warshaw’s Eagle’s Landing neighbor called Henry County police Monday morning after seeing a man dressed in black wearing a ski mask peeping in the window, the news station reported. The neighbor then called Warshaw.

“The neighbor called us and said, ‘I have called the police. I just got off the phone and they’re here. I’ve been watching this guy for 30 or 40 minutes peeping in your daughter’s room,’” Warshaw said.

Warshaw said police had to wrestle the phone away from Bruner, WSB reported.

“When they pulled that ski mask off and pulled the hoodie back, and I saw it was Mike Bruner — I mean, my wife and I almost died,” Warshaw said. “We couldn’t believe it. I’m still in shock.”

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