Are We Getting a New Angels And Airwaves Album This Year?

Tom DeLonge is a busy man. He's been overseeing his UFO research firm — To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science; he's publishing children's books; he's working on a television adaptation of his graphic novel, Strange Times, and he's been getting our hopes up for a blink-182 reunion (only to crush them). Through it all, the musician/author/UFO researcher somehow is also finding time to record a new album with his current band, Angels & Airwaves.

On Tuesday (January 15), the AVA frontman posted a photo from the studio with the caption "Recording today..." decorated with a "rock on" emoji and tagging the band. 

Check out the post below.


The band has been posting photos from inside the studio for nearly a year, so we have to think the album is nearing its completion. When DeLonge first announced the project last April, he wrote in an Instagram post that he was "writing soaring songs" for AVA that "will be a part of an album that will accompany the Strange Times Feature Film." 

"So excited. I really think this will be some of my best work, I hope you do as well," he gushed.

Though it has since been announced that Strange Times will be heading to the small screen, not the big screen, we're unsure if the project has also shifted course. Whatever it may be, AVA hasn't released an album in over four years so we can't wait to hear new songs.

Photo: Getty Images


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