The 2nd Annual Nurturing Parenthood Event sponsored by 2U Laundry

The 2nd Annual Nurturing Parenthood Event

Sponsored by 2U

Who: Mind Body Baby NC is a collective of infant & postpartum specialists supporting postpartum families with knowledge and nurturing. We have a growing network of postnatal support groups in Charlotte to enhance every new family's village while they journey through the craziness that is the first year with baby.  

What: The 2nd Annual Nurturing Parenthood Event sponsored by 2U Laundry- First time parenting is a crash course in all the things you didn't know you need to know about babies, emotions and relationships. Mind Body Baby wants to make that journey a little less anxious, a little less shocking, a little less ridiculously hard. Local infant, prenatal & postpartum practitioners will share their best tidbits of info they think all new parents should know but often find they do not. Parents are able to ask the questions that are circling around their brains!! Vendors will bring fun and goodies to make for a perfect Saturday.

There'll be free pre & postnatal yoga, free toddler yoga, tummy-time and toddler activity tents and a raffle of some serious parent loving swag.

When: Saturday, April 6 from 11 am to 2 pm at NoDa Brewing!!! PERFECT for new AND expecting families

Why: We hear over and over in our postpartum group about how when you go home from the hospital after having a baby, you're given a squirt bottle (infant bottle), a pair of mesh panties and a bag of coupons and you are on your own. There is an assumption that each of us somehow knows innately how to take care of a brand new infant and all that little being does to turn our worlds upside down. We have endless lists of issues new moms can't figure out why no one has bothered to clue them in on before hand. Having a child, as amazing as it is, wreaks havoc on our bodies, our relationships, our mental health our sleep habits, and of course, our sense of competence. We are suddenly supposed to know all the things we don't know we don't know. 

Biologically, we are still intended to have families (and babies brains are still meant to grow) in a village environment with ample example, attachment and support. However, today living near family and having a network of close friends you are able to be vulnerable with is not the norm, particularly in Charlotte. 

Mind Body Baby wants to be the support any new family might need to help them thrive as parents, not just get by. Because when caregivers are nurtured and knowledgeable, children have the ability to reach their fullest potential.

The event is FREE. Details can be found at

For anyone who can be there but want to benefit from the serious parent package raffle, they can buy tickets online until 8 pm on Friday April 5. See the website for links.

Link to FB event:

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