Local Shows: May 20 to May 26, 2019; Charlotte, NC


Knocturnal @ Snug Harbor

Open Mic With Mckenzie Lockhart @ Evening Muse

Open Mic With Jeff @ Puckett's Farm Equipment

Filth, Depths, Sleepwalker, Albert The Cannibal @ Milestone

Tues. 5/21/19:

Hey Thanks!, Right On Kid, Dutch Tulips, Big Wave Small Wave @ Milestone

Anchor Detail, Uncle Buck, Black Powder @ Snug Harbor

R U Ok CLT?, Ashlee Joy Hardee, Guillermo Villar, Glenn Proctor, Missy Willis, Jesse Lamar Williams And The Monastree Jam @ Evening Muse

Cracker, Taylor Phelan @ Neighborhood Theater

Wed. 5/22/19:

Marti Jones And Don Dixon @ Evening Muse

The Business People, Ancient Cities, Human Resources, The Eyebrows @ Snug Harbor

Karaoke @ Petra's

No Rope, The Apartment Club, Beket, Waystray St. @ Skylark Social Club

Levi Herman And The Harrowers @ Puckett's Farm Equipment


CBDB @ Visulite

LeBang! @ Snug Harbor

Matt Stillwell @ Evening Muse

Ryan Mckusick And George Banda, Pretty Baby @ Petra's

Lokella, Hail Your Highness, WSG @ Skylark Social Club

The Outliers, Withhold The Blood, Butterfly Corpse, Fools Generation @ Milestone

Hackensaw Boys @ Whitewater River Jam


Novgorod, Misanthropic Aggression, Oculum DEI And Internment @ Milestone

Coddle Creek, The Local Boys @ Visulite

Gareth Asher Record Release, Jason Adamo, RoshambeauX @ Evening Muse

Snug 600: Pleasures, Whispering Man, Chew, Acne @ Snug Harbor

Sinners And Saints, Hardworker, Bedsweater, Erik Button @ Petra's

Barnes And The Heart @ Cabarrus Brewing Company

Tony Wain, Hill Country Cosmopolitans, Jason Moss And The Hosses @ Tommy's Pub

Running Down A Dream-The Ultimate Tom Petty Tribute And Thought Police @ Amos'


Digital Noir, DJ Spider And Micheal Price @Milestone

Monty Mak @ Evening Muse

Snug 600: Temp Job, Indigo De Souza, Icky Bricketts, Gasp @ Snug Harbor

Su Casa @ Petra's

Brian And The Heart Featuring Taplow @ Cabarrus Brewing Company

Summerrella @ The Underground

When Particles Collide, Motel Glory, Spybaby @ Tommy's Pub

The Breakfast Club, The Rachels @ Amos'

Gabrielle Sophia, The Austen McNeill Band, Ricky Lee @ The Rabbit Hole

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