I77 Express is opening portion of toll lanes 6/1. Rates & virtual ride here

Rush hour traffic on I77 from Huntersville through Lake Norman is among the worst in the state. I live up in the Huntersville area and avoid 77 like the plague... until now... maybe. A portion of the toll lane project is finally opening. Construction of the much debated and highly criticized toll lanes began in 2015. On Saturday, June 1st, the 1st section of the toll lanes (and arguably the most important section is opening for business!) The rest of the 26-mile $647 million project, to I-277 in uptown Charlotte, is expected to open all at once by September.

Here is a virtual ride along the new toll lanes along with a link to rates, how to get an QuickPass, schedule for the rest of the toll road opening and everything else you need to know about I77 Express!