Guy Buys All The Food In A Restaurant After Lady Calls Him Fat

This is a level of petty I can get behind

Frederico Hill writes on Facebook:

i just bought this chicken out of spite because a mother behind me muttering to her whining children that "he can only eat 1 pc, no more than that or you'll end up fat like uncle(me) in front"
i asked the clerk if all the chicken on display is all they had left, they said yes and the other batch is still cooking
i said to the clerk to buy all of it, paid, and walk away slowly, when the mother come up to the register the clerk explained that they're out of chicken and she needs to wait for 30 minutes. her kid keeps whining she was angry and upset. she then looked at me frowning I just flipped her the bird and turned to went home.
now im Rp 240k poorer and have 15 pcs of chicken cause of spite but seeing the look of her face and her kid is priceless