Pennsylvania Woman Kicked Out Of A Buffet For Dressing "Too Provocatively"

A woman was recently kicked out of a Golden Corral buffet in Pennsylvania because the manager said she was dressed, "too provocatively."

There's a woman named Suerette Emke in Erie, Pennsylvania. And she and her family were recently eating at a Golden Corral buffet when the manager KICKED HER OUT.

She wrote on Facebook she thinks people had an issue with the small amount of her stomach that was showing because she's, "not thin, so it's not considered sexy."

Here is Sueretta's full statement on Facebook:

Hey guys so..... This picture was taken Sunday night right after I was kicked out of golden corral in Erie PA. (The one on peach street) because i was supposedly dressed "too provocatively " what happened was Sunday my husband and I went to Erie PA to celebrate our sons birthday with my best friend and her kids since they couldn't make it to his party the day b4. We went to Chuck E Cheese first then the zoo then golden corral. Long story short After getting Aiden settled and then helping my friends son get some fruit. I went up to get myself something to eat . When I was approached by a manager and told I was dressed "too provocatively" and another customer had complained so I needed to put something else on or leave. I explained that we drove an hour there I didnt just have clothes I could change into but he didnt care. He never would tell me exactly what I was showing too much of when I asked point blank what I was showing too much of. He would respond that it wasnt his place to say. Ummm excuse me ???? Anyway like I said trying to keep this long story short . So after that and then my husband talking with him and then him proceeding to go to the table ( right after my husband talked to him) and caused an even bigger seen. After everything we were forced to leave. They have no dress code and even if they did they just cant pick n choose who they are going to make up a dress code or enforce in on based on another customer complaint. I have seen people in there wearing less and nothing is said to them but I really do believe something was said to me because im not thin so it's not considered sexy .. I asked the franchise owner (who when we called today was extremely rude just like his manager.) Ok so if I'm at your restaurant and someone is in their religious garb if that were to offend me and I were to say something you would kick them out??? Because thats NOT ok either ! He ignored my question and continued on his point of that no they dont have a dress code (which the manager tried to say they did) but they are a family restaurant so if another customer complains they then address the persons attire.. (again ummm what???) He then said for example if someone comes in with profanity on their shirt if another customer complains they will ask them to cover up the profanity. Ummm that's NOT what I asked. What really sucks was that was a new shirt. I've never owned a crop top before and I was nervous at first about wearing it but my husband loved the way it looked on me and encouraged me to wear it since I liked it so much. I really felt cute in it and now I never wanna wear that shirt again even though it was the first time I ever wore it and I felt good about my self in it.... please feel free to share this post as I made it public so that everyone can know how they treat PAYING customers.

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