Study Finds The Optimal Amount Of Square Footage For A Happy Marriage

A recent survey asked couples what it’s like to live together and finds people are happier when they have more space.

According to the survey, couples who have 1,800-square feet of living space have higher levels of relationship satisfaction, compared with those who live in a smaller place. That’s a lot of room and it’s really specific, but the survey explains, “As little as 100-square feet might make up the difference between a happy couple and one on the brink of collapse.”

The square footage sweet spot for couples to live happily changes a bit for different age groups. Baby boomers with at least 1,835-square feet of space report being happy in their relationships, compared to the 1,733-square feet for unhappy couples in that age range. And millennials with 1,810-square feet of living area are a lot happier than those trying to live in 1,566-square feet. So just a little more space can be the difference between a happy romance and a breakup.


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