New Smart-Handbag Can Help You Escape A Bad Date

The handbag is equipped with a smart-button, which can order you an Uber and even make your phone ring

Via your phone’s bluetooth, the bag’s smart button connects to an app called Flic,which you can program with the various functions you want your button to be able to do, like order an Uber or send a text. It can also make your phone ring, which is how it can help you escape a date from hell without having to get your friend to call. The bags are as pretty as they are handy, but all that technology isn’t cheap. The purses range from $500 to $725, but your old purse probably can’t make hands-free calls for you.

The bags fromTracey Hummel’s new luxury handbag label Bee & Kinmerge fashion and tech and come in five cool styles that all have two unique buttons: one’s a built-in flashlight and one connects to your phone and that’s the one that can help get you out of a bad date.

SOURCE: Marie Claire

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