Play list: Underexposed with Divakar July 7, 2019

Band Name - Song

Of Good Nature - Good Life

Silent Rival - Sleep Like a Baby

Tyler Boone - Moving On

Lisa De Novo - Interview

Lisa De Novo - Paralyzed

Lisa De Novo - Monkey See, Monkey Do

Lisa De Novo - Cigarette Love Song

Modern Moxie - Flowers in Your Hair

Sunday Boxing - Hot Water

The Business People - Jim James

Miss Hollywood - Hey L.A.

Planet-Sized-Planet - Do What You Must

GiGi Dover And The Big Love - Carolina Lily

Fractured Truth - Monster

Ish - Examination

Mr. Genius and the Robot Inventors - Pseudoscience

C.A.L.M. Charlotte Area League of Musicians - Interview Brandon Hinson Amanda Caines Tattermask

Venus Invictus - Lost

Something Clever - Get With It

MiddleAsia - Afro Blue

Future Friends - Favorite

Fifty Year Rebellion - Free Drinks in Hell

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