Grandparents Upset With Program Teaching Kids About Consent

School program teaches kids what to do when they don't want a family member to give them a kiss

An Australian program that aims to educate young children about sexual consent has enraged grandparents.

Respectful relationships is being taught in Victoria schools and is meant to help kids understand how to handle unwanted contact. Unfortunately. Educator Margie Buttriss picked the wrong example to share with students.

She told kids they have the right to turn down sloppy kisses from their grandmas. “We’re talking about situations such as Grandma wants to swoop in for the big sloppy kiss, and if the child doesn’t want that to happen, what can they do,” she said,according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Some elderly social media users got political, blasting the left for causing deterioration of relationships, but one poster hit home with “So a kiss from granny is now abuse?”

Source:New York Post

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