Google's hidden twist on celebrating 80 years of the 'Wizard of Oz'

Google is at it again! This time they've added a fun little "twist" to it's "Wizard of Oz" search page. The timeless classic is celebrating it's 80th anniversary this week and Google is taking us "somewhere over the rainbow" with this one. Earlier this week Google tweeted "We're off to search the Wizard, the wonderful 'Wizard of Oz'". So what did we do? We searched the "Wizard of Oz" and here's what happened:

After typing in "Wizard of Oz" in the search bar, we were taken to the results page, seems normal right?

But once we clicked on the ruby slippers, we were transported back in time (give it a try you'll see what we mean).

Tired of seeing everything in black & white? Just click on the tornado and you'll realize "there's no place like home".

The classic film starring Judy Garland and Terry the dog (Toto) was officially released on August 25, 1939! People around the world continue to celebrate it's iconic story-line, musical score, and love-able characters over 80 years later.

Click here to give it a try.

Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz

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