Gerard Way Wants To Record A Song With Billie Eilish's Ukulele

Billie Eilish recently launched a signature ukulele with Fender, and she's received a sparkling review from none other than Gerard Way. Over the weekend, the My Chemical Romance frontman shared a photo of the "rad looking and sounding ukulele" on Instagram, along with a message about what he plans to do with it.

"So one of my friends, favorite people in the world, and patron of the arts, Michael Schulz, worked with his company @fender to collab with very cool musician @billieeilish on her rad looking and sounding ukulele," he wrote. "They were kind enough to send this to B and Linds and myself so I wanted to post a picture of it in our garden. It has a really interesting pattern on it, and you can plug it in, so now I’m going to plug this into a fuzz pedal and see what happens. I may report back with my findings. It’s fun to play. I don’t normally play ukulele but I did in fact recently write a song called Ukulele Songs, which is about ukulele songs. I may share that. I’m not sure, but if I record it, I will use this ukulele. Have a good Saturday. Congrats on the uke, Billie!"

Considering he won't be hitting the road with MCR until next year, Way has lots of time to record "Ukulele Songs." Who knows, maybe he'll even write a whole ukulele album! See his post below.

Photo: Getty Images