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Prior to founding Alpha Theory, Cameron Hight worked as an equity research analyst for 10 years, primarily covering technology companies and supporting transactions worth over $20 billion for firms such as Lehman Brothers, CIBC, and Credit Suisse First Boston. He later joined Afton Capital Management, a $200 million long-short equity hedge fund, in 2002. Cameron currently serves on the boards of several funds and financial technology start-ups, as well as the UNC-Chapel Hill Business School Investment Fund. Mr. Hight earned his business degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and became one of the youngest individuals to receive the Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 1999. It was during his time on the buy-side that Mr. Hight became aware of avoidable mistakes investment managers were making, leading to lost performance. He made it his mission to address this issue. When he explained his motivation for starting Alpha Theory to his grandmother, she asked, "You mean they're not doing this already?" At that moment, he recognized his responsibility to help bring about change in the industry. Today, Mr. Hight dedicates his time to deepening his knowledge of important topics in behavioral finance, decision sciences, and portfolio management. He acts as a thought leader, guiding investment managers on "best practices" for the investment process through direct communication at conferences and seminars, on TV and radio, and through his written work.

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Alpha Theory is a leading portfolio management and decision process improvement platform for global investment managers. It gives investment teams a framework to fully leverage their research and outside data streams to efficiently size positions and identify uncaptured alpha in real-time to drive performance. Alpha Theory clients work hand-in-hand with an experienced team of process improvement experts and have access to specialized data scientists who provide data-driven insights to optimize performance. Today, over $100B in assets are managed on the platform. For more information, please visit

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