Rob Miller, CEO/Owner, RAM Pavement

Rob Miller – Bio:

·      Rob Miller was born in South Dakota on 12/16/1974. Rob is one of 4 siblings born in Des Moines Iowa, Mt. Vernon Illinois and Charlotte, NC. Rob started kindergarten in Minneapolis MN and finished kindergarten at Huntington Towne Farms elementary school. He then attended Old Providence Elementary, Sharon Elementary, Carmel Junior High School, and then graduated from Myers Park High School in 1993. Rob attended and graduated from Appalachian State University in 1998 with a degree in Computer Information Systems. Rob worked for his father’s construction company from 1998 till 2003 – learning how to do general contractor work, commercial remodeling and subsequently asphalt and concrete paving and pavement services.

·      During college Rob met his wife, Nadia; however, he didn’t ask her to wed till March of 2002 – they were then married in Charlotte St Patrick’s Cathedral on 10/26/2002.

·      In April of 2004 after a lot of consideration for his future and his relationship with his father, he decided to start his own business RAM Pavement (Robert Allen Miller). Rob started with 1 team member and friend Steve Little and later picked up one of his brothers Nick Miller – one truck and one piece of equipment. Back then RAM was focused on asphalt seal coating, pavement markings and small asphalt repairs. Today they can do all facets of parking lot maintenance and construction utilizing about 65 team members.

·      20 years later Rob and Steve still work together, and his brother Nick has started his own pavement markings company. 

·      Rob and Nadia have (3) children Madeleine (18), Robbie Jr. (16), and Aidan (12) – all three going through the MAC’s school system.

Company - Bio:

·      RAM Pavement started in April of 2004 with one truck and a piece of equipment. AT the time RAM was focused on smaller asphalt repairs, seal coating and pavement markings. Rob also utilized his general contracting background that he learned working with his father to do larger sub-contracted projects with vendors he had developed relationships with during his tenure working with his father.  He also learned all the ‘ins and outs’ of running the business from working with his Dad.

·      RAM quickly grew year after year from just 3 team members in the beginning to over 65 team members today. RAM Pavement is known in the industry for doing all facets of pavement work from milling and paving, paving, asphalt repairs, concrete repairs, pavement markings, thermoplastic markings, asphalt seal coating, hot pour crack sealing and everything in between. RAM is truthfully a one stop shop for all your pavement needs or requirements.

·      RAM Pavement services the commercial space ONLY – RAM does NOT do any residential work, except for Homeowners Association work.

·      Rob Miller is proud of the fact his business operating system is EOS – Entrepreneurial Operation System. This means that his current leadership team help Rob to run the ‘day to day’ of RAM Pavement so that Rob can be ‘freed up’ to be the visionary for the business. In doing so, Rob and his team have created a 10-year vision, 3-year vision and 1 year vision for RAM – and they have shared this entire vision with the entire company.

·RAM Pavement’s mission statement is to take care of its team members, provide value for its clients and give back to the community. Rob is very serious about ALL three. RAM is very active with the community year after year. WE have been seen helping Purple Heart Homes, Street Turkeys , Go Jen Go , ISF and numerous others. Our team takes pride in the fact that we are not just out in the community filling a pothole or making a concrete repair – but rather helping to put food in the mouths of families in need, helping a veteran fund housing, helping a mother pay utilities while struggling with cancer treatment, or helping to find a cure for Pediatric Cancer! Working at RAM is not just about a paycheck – it is ‘bigger than you’ and that makes our team members and clients feel good about RAM.

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