Dean Austud, CEO, The Good Feet Store

Dean Austad is the CEO of the largest Franchise group of The Good Feet Store, a retail store that is focused on changing lives two feet at a time with premium arch supports. With locations spread out across the country from the Pacific Northwest in Portland, Oregon down to Tampa Bay, Florida. In Charlotte, Dean is proud to own and operate four locations; Waverly, University, Rivergate and Birkdale. He has spent his entire career with The Good Feet Stores helping people with premium arch supports since 2001, and then leading his company as CEO since 2019.

Good Feet bio:

As the foundation of your body, your feet endure pressure each and every day. When your feet are not properly supported, your whole body can become misaligned – resulting in pain in your feet, knees, hips, or back. Good Feet Arch Supports, in particular, are designed to support all four arches of the foot, placing the feet in the ideal position, and aligning the body from the feet up.

Good Feet Arch Supports come in a wide range of over 300 styles, flexibilities, and sizes that allow our customers to be personally fit with the arch support that meets their needs. That’s why Good Feet Arch Supports are only available at The Good Feet Store.

Come in and see for yourself! We are located in Waverly, University, Steele Creek and Birkdale. Or visit us online at

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