It's National Intern Day and Twitter is the Place to Celebrate

So it's National Intern Day and I'm not ashamed to admit that I didn't know that was a thing, now or ever. Fun fact: I started as an intern when I stumbled onto this crazy train of radio/The Woody and Wilcox Show over 7 years ago. I never imagined working in radio, but my Dad always told me to walk through each door that opens for you because you never know where it might lead. (I think he meant career wise because there were some men who opened doors that I should have immediately slammed shut myself). So, alas, here I am today, celebrating National Intern Day. But like so much of life, people take to the social media sites to turn some-thing into a THING. And it's the free comedy that I enjoy so much. Here are some of my favorites:

Even the world's (arguably) most famous intern rang in...(Is this real life? Are we really doing this?)

Look, I think we can all agree that interns should be paid, given actual experiences in which to learn whatever field they are there to work in, and not be taken advantage of- sexually or otherwise.


Okay now, let's have fun! #NationalInternDay

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