Celebrate National Waterpark Day with these Epic Water Slide Fails

Every day is a day to celebrate SOMETHING (aside from being alive of course) and today, for some reason, is National Waterpark Day!!! I grew up going to Six Flags White Water in GA and I've spent many overstimulated-with-kids hours at Carolina Harbor Water Park at Carowinds. In a dream world I'd float around a lazy river calmly for hours but that's not the usual experience. The water slides were always my favorite- holding onto my bathing suit and praying that engineering and physics would keep me from flying off the side. So today I celebrate National Waterpark Day being a thing with this compilation of epic fails on water slides. NOTE: Please enjoy water slides- the professional and the homegrown-responsibly. Don't drink and slide. Wear a helmet. No, I will not hold your beer.