This Clown House Will Give You Nightmares

For the record, I'm not one of those people completely freaked out by clowns (that would be Woody, among others). Still, I'm not a huge fan. And THIS video is just TOO MUCH CLOWN. I stumbled upon this "Carnival of Horror" on Facebook and I just have so many questions. First off, why? Maybe it's a cool Halloween thing but what about you, as the person who lives there, having to walk through all of those creepy faces just to get to your front door? And at night? thank you. What's to stop an actual person from just hiding in with all of those clowns and taking you out??? Wasn't an entire season of American Horror Story about this very thing??? Come on. My life is scary enough having to keep children alive and pay bills; I don't need this too. 

So check it out and see how well you sleep at night. Even better, send it to a friend who will really hate you for it.