Cam Newton Gives These Fans a Moment They Won't Forget

People love to hate on Cam Newton- the fashion choices, press conference attitude, the swagger, on field decisions...and the list goes on. But I stand by my love for the Carolina Panthers' quarterback because he continues to be great to fans and the community. There's so much nervous energy this time of year as training camp is in full swing and we can almost taste REAL football (No, I do not count preseason games. Barely a tease.) Everyone from the "professionals" to your next door neighbor is all of a sudden heavy into speculating on rosters and match ups and fantasy leagues and who's going to be big this year...but these heartfelt moments just make me happy. At training camp over the weekend, Cam took time to sign some shoes, among other things, for a few lucky fans. So when you hear, "That's just Cam being Cam," think about this side of Cam Newton too.