Get Paid to Eat!

A few things about me: I love traveling and I love eating. So when these two things come together as a PAID GIG, sign me up! Reynolds Wrap is looking to hire a "Chief Grilling Officer" but it looks like you'll be doing less cooking and more cool things like exploring cities and eating amazing barbecue. Apparently the company is looking to expand their "online barbecue content" (that's a thing?) and that's where you come in. Job duties include: paid travel to certain barbecue hot spots, check out restaurants, eat all the meats, take some pictures, do some social media and basically live your best life. And did I mention that you also get paid?!?! Check out the article here for how to apply (it's super easy!) and if I'm chosen, well, see ya Woody and Wilcox. I'll be fat and sassy and happy.