Vitamix Issues Huge Recall

You may have spent hundreds of dollars on a product that's trying to kill you. Well, injure you at least. Vitamix (of THE Vitamix blender) has recalled over 100,000 blenders after 11 people are injured. How were these people injured, you may wonder. Top flying off while making a smoothie? Margarita Monday gone wrong? Apparently the company has received 11 injury reports of lacerations...when the person's hand came into contact with exposed blades. Now...let that sink in for a moment...

And now the obvious questions: was the blender ON when these injuries occurred? And if so, isn't that to be expected?!?! I don't want people injured but is eleven enough for a recall when you consider how many people use blenders daily? Was alcohol involved??? Or does this just mean that someone was washing the blender and the blades are just so sharp that they mangled some fingers? I have more questions than answers.

Vitamix is urging customers with one of the defective models to 1. Stop using it (okay...taking notes here) and 2. Get a repair kit.  

I feel like for the amount of money people have to shell out for one of these blenders, Vitamix should either be sending you a repair kit directly or just replacing the entire product. I mean, I know it can make soup but you should be able to do that without losing fingers. Check out the full story below for info.

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