This is the Food Truck of My Dreams

Y 'all. Something big has happened. (Long dramatic pause.) WAFFLE HOUSE HAS A FOOD TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, I was born in North Carolina but fully raised in Georgia and Waffle House is more than just a staple. It's a constant. A Northern Star. Life as a rule is always changing in good ways and not so fun ways. But I could always count on Waffle House to be nearby (seriously, there are so many in the Atlanta area you are always near one) and serve up my favorite- hash browns scattered, covered and smothered(look it up).

And now, there's a food truck, dubbed The Waffle Truck, that will show up (for a fee of course) at your office, party or even your wedding. If you're planning a reception right now, I suggest you go ahead and book this bad boy. You have to schedule through their catering department and there currently are additional fees if you live outside of Georgia. WORTH IT.

Now, how do we start a petition to get a Waffle House food truck in North Carolina? Maybe make the brewery rounds or just set up shop outside my house? More info here.