Man Charged After Throwing Biscuit at Ex

I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge that assault on any man, woman, child or animal is never okay. That said, it seems like there has been a rash of assaults with food in the news recently. We hear these stories on It Happened in Florida- burrito thrown at someone and BOOM, you're in jail. Someone in this great land of ours did the same with pizza. The latest to make the headlines is a man out of Nashville, TN. He spotted his ex girlfriend riding around a Kroger parking lot with her new man and things just went sideways from there. According to the article, he threw a biscuit "really hard" at her, causing "her face to hurt". I'm surprised that a man who was apparently also drunk at the time could even hit his mark at all. And why a biscuit? Did he just happen to have it on him?!? Why waste a biscuit just because a woman doesn't want to be with you anymore?! I have more questions than answers as usual with this type of story. The takeaways though: don't assault people with any object ever. Eat your biscuits, don't throw them. Read the full article below.