The Best of #FirstDayOfSchool

When I left for work this morning, it felt like the first day of school, even for me. And no, not because we were off for a few days. I swear, you can smell it in the air. Something feels shifted and there's that mix of nerves and anticipation and sometimes dread. I loved going back to school- the fresh school supplies and a brand new outfit and a clean slate. Now, as a parent, this is basically the BEST DAY EVER! Yeah, summer was fun. We took trips and stayed up too late and ate ice cream at inappropriate hours. Yay!!! Glad we did that!!! But who is excited about getting back to an actual schedule??? THIS GIRL!!! Regular bedtimes and regular carpool pick up times! Yes! No more trying to juggle camps and nut-free policies and how many layers of sunscreen should be applied before 9 am! I'm sure this will also get old and soon we'll be complaining about packing lunches the kids don't eat and losing permission slips and calls from the school nurse for an early pick up. But until then, let's celebrate the #FIRSTDAYOFSCHOOL!!!! And THANK YOU TEACHERS- you are doing the Lord's work and you should be paid more.

Here's a throwback to my Kindergarten (?) days when my parents thought it would be great to cut off all my hair (I never let it go, obviously).

Chelsea circa Kindergarten

And I wish my son was as excited for Kindergarten as this kid! 

As a parent, how I feel about today:

And also, Boo Hoo Breakfast is now a thing...

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