Need Some Magic to Get Through the Day? Check Out This Guy

So I decided it would be a smart decision to move over the three day weekend (note: it was not smart) and now even though it's Tuesday it has the weight of a super hard Monday. I'm so tired and there's still only everything to do around the house plus, you know, work. Being an adult is so wildly overrated.

And then in the news, the world is a ruckus over this #NikeAd and the ensuing #NikeBoycott. I just can't with all of that right now. It's too much noise and too much fighting. My brain hurts and I just don't have the emotional stability to sift through it.

So what's a girl to do? 

Magic. With Justin Willman. Well not me doing magic but watching Magic for Humans on Netflix. Frank alerted me to this a few weeks ago and I have no idea why I didn't know about it myself. Justin was a guest on The Woody and Wilcox Show a few years ago and we all loved him. Not only are his magic tricks cool (even on the radio) but he's just a nice guy. Bonus: he and his wife did a Drunk History spoof, telling the story of how they met and he should have won awards just for that.

But I digress. If you haven't checked out his show, you should. I mean, you have to be a pretty decent magician to get your own show, right? (Unlike in the radio business, hello Woody and Wilcox.) And as someone who is kind of take it or leave it about magic in general- I have a short attention span- his segments are short and entertaining and yes, still completely mind blowing. Plus he's funny and charming and lacks that douchey vibe you get from so many magicians. So, if you're in the mood to escape the loudness in the real world right now and napping for a week or drinking all the liquor are not options, check out Magic for Humans. It will ease the pain without leaving a hangover.

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