Veteran's Go Fund Me Money is Missing

This started out as a feel good story but now has turned into a "he said-she said" of sorts and $400,000 is no where to be found. Here's the back story in a nutshell: last Fall, Kate McClure's car ran out of gas and homeless veteran Johnny Bobbitt gave her $20 to get back on the road. Moved by his generosity, she set up a Go Fund Me page to raise enough money to help him get back on his feet. The original goal was $10,000 but when the campaign went viral, the grand total was over $400,000. Now there are lawyers and judges involved. On one side, Johnny Bobbitt (the homeless man) claims that he never received what he was promised- a house and a 1999 Bronco but instead received a trailer and a broken down vehicle- both purchased under Kate McClure's name. All of that was sold apparently. Now Kate McClure is claiming that he DID receive the money but he spent it on drugs. Others are pointing out Kate McClure's fancier lifestyle (BMW, vacations, gambling) as an indication that she and her boyfriend spent most of the Go Fund Me money that was intended to help a homeless man restore his life.

Like I said, this is the short version of the story. As of now, lawyers for both sides are claiming that all of the money is gone and a forensic accountant has to come in and try to trace it.

Innocent until proven guilty, right? DID Kate McClure and her boyfriend pocket the money that strangers donated to help out a homeless man? DID he throw it away on partying? The good news is that if the money was stolen, Go Fund Me has promised to make it right. No news on what happens for the thousands who donated to the campaign though.  Check out the news coverage below and be prepared to take notes or maybe make a flow chart.