This May Be the Best Gift I've Ever Received

A few weeks back we talked about a town called Mayo in Florida that's temporarily changing it's name to Miracle Whip. I'm still not 100% sure why this is happening aside from the obvious publicity stunt for the Miracle Whip people. But it doesn't stop with just the name change. Apparently Miracle Whip also has something called "Whip Wear" and friend of the show, "The Bread Man" decided that I must have this Miracle Whip sweatsuit. We had him on the phone and he said he knew I had to have them because for some reason "Miracle Whip" is on the front of the sweatpants instead of the back. Because naturally you would want "Miracle Whip" written on your backside but NEVER the front. This is not only incredibly hilarious but also very thoughtful. It's perhaps the best gift from a listener in the history of gifts. Well done, Bread Man. I enjoy cash and gift cards as well.   

Things got serious when the Miracle Whip people rang in....I've never been referred to as "tangy" before but I've also never had a condiment tweet at me. It was a big day.