How Did I Not Know THIS Baker Mayfield?

So the Cleveland Browns won their first game last night after 600+ days, players getting fired, too many missed field goals and a general curse over the city. I'm never up late on a school night, much less up late AND watching a Jets-Browns NFL game. But I actually saw the Cleveland Browns break their epic losing streak in real time. And side note: Bud Light did open their "Free Beer Fridges" across the city and to my knowledge, no one was injured or killed. I'd heard about this Baker Mayfield kid in name only...first round pick, that's about all I knew. But he was brought into the game after Tyrod Taylor was injured (allegedly) and more or less won the game for the Browns. That's fun and great and all but today I stumbled upon THIS. This guy doesn't even need football to have his own good time. My day has been made.