More Ways to Lose Friends This Halloween

Apparently regular old school, old man Halloween is now a thing of he past. Remember back in the day when Halloween decorations started rolling out in October? You got together with your friends and threw on your store bought or thrown together costume and bombarded a neighborhood for all the candy? Well, that is not how things are done anymore. After hearing about a contest where you can sleep in a coffin for 30 hours, now there's this: send a scary clown to deliver donuts to your friends. I love donuts and I am take it or leave it on clowns. But now this?!?!? Why?????? Maybe I'm too old or too lazy to go out of my way to scare my friends with anything, any time of year. Spend money to do it? Nah...think I'd enjoy myself a latte instead. And plus Woody is the only one I know who is actually scared enough of clowns to make this borderline worthwhile (he'd probably still eat the donuts though, for the record). This is a great way to distance yourself from those fringe people in your life that you just can't part ways with face to face. And if your friends are anything like mine, they're mostly going to be pissed about the fact that they had to get up and answer the door to begin with. Why not just give a door to door salesman your friend's address? Have him do a hard sell on windows or vacuums or internet providers. Now, THAT is a good prank. Full details on the clown-donut delivery here.

Scary Clown
Chelsea - Woody and Wilcox Show


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