Gano's Field Goal is Sweeter in Spanish

So about last Sunday....seasons will come and go but I'm guessing most Panthers fans will remember where they were when Graham Gano made this 63 yard, game winning field goal. Is it overly dramatic to say that there has been a lot of depressing news lately??? I feel like A LOT is an understatement. And you could argue that the Carolina Panthers may not have deserved this win. The game was ugly. So many turnovers. But we all needed this moment. (Well, Giants fans probably could have used a different moment.) And may I suggest watching the Spanish language broadcast of all games, always? The emotion from the small moments of greatness is always over the top, but the emotion from the big moments....EPIC. Thanks for giving us this bright spot, Graham Gano. Gano Lo Gano!

And let us not forget that Gano spent all summer readying himself for that moment Sunday afternoon.