Finally Getting a Christmas Tree? This One May Save Your Holidays

Here's an unpopular opinion: I like cats. I've always liked cats. I had cats growing up. I love their shenanigans and their overall "no-effs-given" attitude. But it's all fun and games with a laser pointer until the holidays roll around. For some reason cats are more attracted to the Christmas tree than any other small children or pets in the house. I mean, is it really even Christmas if you do not find your cat inside the tree at some point? If you're really lucky, the whole thing will come crashing to the ground.

Well, a company out of the UK, Argos, has the solution to your holiday cat-in-the-tree problem: the half tree. It's a 6 foot tall artificial Christmas tree that is fully decorated but missing the bottom half. The bulk of the tree, if you will.

Ummmm...a few questions if I may.

1). Does this look good to you? Why not just take the tree you already have and shave the bottom half? Put the whole thing on a pedestal?

2). More importantly, have the makers of this product ever met a cat? This half tree solves nearly nothing. Cats can jump. And leap! Off of one thing and on to another! I've seen it with my own eyes!!!

So, if you do have an a-hole cat (or dog or ferret or child...) the silver lining is that you may not lose too many ornaments when this half tree goes down. Happy Holidays and Good Luck.

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