Just Another Reason We Love Steph Curry

Who doesn't love Steph Curry??? (I'll wait....)   Exactly, everyone loves Steph Curry. Not only is he our hometown boy but NBA Champion, League MVP, doting father and husband....I mean, what cannot he do?  And now he's kicked it up a notch. 

Nine year old Riley Morrison wanted a new pair of sneakers for basketball season, but was disappointed that Steph Curry's signature Curry 5s weren't available in girls' sizes. So she wrote him a letter asking him to work with Under Armour (the shoe's manufacturer) to fix this problem. And of course Steph personally responded, promising to fix the issue and send Riley the Curry 5's (and the Curry 6's before everyone else). Check out Riley's sweet letter below and Steph's response as well. 

Now get back to Carolina, Steph!