Could You Give Up Your Phone for 100K?

I've asked my bosses for years if I can give up my cell phone and the short and long answer is always a hard No. I'm overwhelmed by noise and information and options...and that's just from my phone. The rest of the world is just nuts on top of that. I don't need that craziness in my life but I also need a job. And unfortunately, most of us actually need our phones for work related, social, Google, quick texts and voice messages, notes on show stuff. Ugh. I long for the days of landlines and letters and if you needed to talk to me you'd have to catch me at home or find me in person.

If you feel the same, Vitamin Water launched a contest that could change your 2019 and perhaps the rest of your life as well. The gist: they give you a 90's era flip phone and 100k for the year. You don't use your Smartphone or your mom's or friend's or a stranger's Smartphone for an entire year. How will the Water People monitor this? No clue. You'll still be able to use a desktop or laptop for internet/work/life but no Smartphone. You will have a phone that makes and receives calls. Could you do it? Details below if you want to enter. Good luck and send me a letter!