Shipping Holiday Gifts? You May Be Too Late

Today is #NationalFreeShippingDay! Yay! But wait, though, what does that mean and when exactly do my gifts need to be shipped to arrive by Christmas?!?! If you're like me, this is generally the worst part of gift giving because it usually involves the post office.

 But TODAY, some of your favorite retailers (hundreds!) are offering free shipping with delivery by Christmas! And you won't have to go stand in line at the post office! Keep in mind there are always restrictions on this so read the fine print...(No, Susan you can't expect to have a Narwhal shipped across the country for free. Use common sense.)

If you miss the Friday deadline or you have items in hand that have to be shipped, you can find a handy list of cut off dates here.

And if you're trying to save yourself in the holiday madness, remember that gift cards can be emailed at any time. Happy Holidays!

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