There Was a National Championship Game But Lil Wayne Stole the Show

Alabama and Clemson played for another National Championship title and outside of fans of those teams, everyone else seemed to be kind of "meh" about it. I mean, we've seen these teams before. I think Alabama gets an automatic invite at this point. I personally went to bed after the first quarter because it just wasn't that exciting. But had I known that Imagine Dragons and Lil Wayne were performing together, I would have considered pushing bedtime. So I wake up Tuesday and no one seems to care too much that Clemson blew out Alabama. Everyone is talking about Lil Wayne and the get up he wore during the performance. A few things: are you surprised? Is anyone surprised? Wearing anything and everything is who he is and I don't have the brain space to care about a stranger's clothing choices one way or another. Next. But, the Internet. People had a field day with the side by side comparisons and I've gathered some of my favorites below. And check out the video of the performance as well. Enjoy!