Thomas Davis Responds After Panthers Decide to Part Ways

Thomas Davis released a video on his Twitter account Wednesday evening, announcing that he had been informed by the Carolina Panthers that they would be going in a “different direction” in 2019: he will not be on the team. TD has been a staple in this community over 14 seasons, 3 Pro Bowls, and a Walter Payton Man of the Year award. Seeing him in a different uniform just won't feel right. That's right, he says he's not retiring. He can sign with another team during the upcoming free agency period. 

“I’ve loved and cherished every moment that we’ve had in Carolina,” said Davis, who went on to say he’s still got football left in him. “I’m not retiring.”

“I want to play football,” said Davis. “I still got a lot left... Keep Pounding baby.”

This city just won't be the same. Watch his full video below.

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