Ready to Quit Your Job? This May Be the Gig for You.

This was our first full week of work after the holidays and let me tell you, I prefer shorter weeks. Now, this is coming from a person who enjoys her job. But I'm human. Sometimes the early morning hours and all of the people and things get to me, just like anyone else. Well, if you're on the "New Year, New You" train and ditching your awful job is a part of that, have you considered operating a lighthouse in San Francisco Bay?  The East Brother Light Station is on a tiny island in the bay and atop the island is a very old lighthouse. You can be paid $130,000 per year in this position but a couple of potential hurdles: you have to have a partner to help run it, the living quarters are small (so, you might need to be able to tolerate said partner), and you also have to have a U.S. Coast Guard issued Captain's License. How do you go about getting that? No clue, but if you're looking to escape your life to live on a lighthouse, check out the articles for how to apply.