Have You Seen These Hidden 'Rain Poems'?

If you've visited Columbia, SC recently, maybe you've seen these stenciled poems on city sidewalks...but the words only appear when they get wet. I've never seen this done before and apparently it's pretty easy. A stencil, some cardboard, something called hydrophobic paint (which makes it waterproof and invisible) and 8-12 hours. Easy for an artist maybe but that's too many steps for someone like me. These are written and constructed by local artists and students and you can see them popping up all over downtown Columbia. Rainy days can be hard enough when you're out in the elements. I think this is a great way to bring a community together with art and a little something special during the harder winter months. These will generally last a few weeks to months, depending on foot traffic. So who's ready to get this started in the Charlotte area? Maybe some #ChelseaTalk phrases around town??? How proud would my parents be if the words "For $5 You Can Smell It" appeared on Charlotte sidewalks on rainy days?!?! Watch the video below and then send me your ideas!