When's the Last Time You Saw a Baby Kangaroo?

What's the opposite of bright eyed and bushy tailed because that's how I woke up this morning. It was 4 am and my hair was bigger than ever and I was freezing. I know. First world problems. I gave myself a pep talk (It's Friday. You're alive. Get it together, Chelsea.) and put on a baseball cap and decided to muddle through. But thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and a stranger on Facebook, this video came into my life. When's the last time you saw a baby kangaroo???? (A joey, if we're being proper.) For me it had been forever apparently because I've been missing the joy that this brought. And even better: HIS NAME IS BRADLEY!!! I LOVE when animals have proper human names. Side note: this also reminded me of a caller from a few years back. He was in the military and in Australia for some reason. He ended up boxing and being knocked out by a kangaroo in some man's backyard, but I digress. If your day is feeling sideways, enjoy this video and then begin again.