Have You Seen This Memo From CMS?

I noticed a memo from Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools circulating around the Internet and I was stoked! School uniforms for everybody! I spent my high school years in Catholic school so of course I wore a uniform...and I liked it. We have to make about a million decisions each day so narrowing my wardrobe choices down to polo or button down shirt helps a person like me. And now that I have a kid in CMS, I would happily narrow his school clothing choices down to about 4 items. But here's the thing...the memo is fake. CMS did not send it out and nobody seems to know how or why it's circulating. Maybe some guy out there wanted to get mediocre radio shows to talk about the school uniform policy and BAM...here we are. Fake or not, I'm all for the uniform movement. Can we just get the superintendent to sign the fake one? Check out the full article here .