You Can Rename the Kannapolis Intimidators

There's another sports franchise turning to the public for help naming a team! We've been here before and we know how horribly this can play out...Boaty McBoatface, Gushing Grannies, The Hitler School for Compassion or something like that. These promotions are always a dumpster fire but publicity is publicity. This time, the team naming adventure is happening in our own backyard!!! The Kannapolis Intimidators are under new ownership and looking to rebrand the team, starting with the team name. It's their "Branded New By You Campaign" which stretches through the 2019 season but you only have days to get in on this name change. Check out the info below for how to submit your brilliant or ridiculous ideas but get on it NOW! You only have until Wednesday, February 13th to get them in. Good luck and don't embarrass us!