Check Out What's Happening During All Star Weekend

It is officially NBA All Star Weekend here in Charlotte and I'm embarrassed to admit that I had NO IDEA that there are soooo many events happening around town to "celebrate" or whatever the actual point is. The official All Star Game is Sunday night at 8 at the Spectrum Center but who's actually going to that? (Seriously...I don't know anyone with tickets.) In the meantime, there are about 800 other events from free to "take out a loan" that you can snag tickets for. And big, BIG names are in town...we of course love our Currys here. Steph and Seth will go head to head in the 3 point shootout Saturday and there are many other opportunities to brush up with other NBA players. I mean, the entire Epicentre has basically been transformed into Fan Zone Central. Other names you may recognize: Snoop, Cam Newton & Diddy, DMX, Flava Flav....and the list goes on. Now, some of these events are probably sold out by now but my point is that there are a ton of ways to get in on the energy this basketball game is bringing to the city. Be aware that there will be road closures, checkpoints, bag searches, crazy rules, lots of traffic and packed trains among other things to deal with. This event is bringing in an extra 100,000 people minimum and that's before we start the parties and bring in the rain. Check out the Observer's full list here and make your plans!