Woman Beats Cancer and Gets New Tongue

A woman in England was diagnosed with cancer but on top of that, doctors said they would need her tongue as well. That's correct- doctors would need to surgically remove at least part of her tongue if she wanted to live. “He said if I didn’t have the operation I wouldn’t see next Christmas,” Smith, a grandmother from Bedfordshire, England, told SWNS. “He said I would be lucky if I got six to eight more months. That was a bit of a shock.” Well, the tongue is useful and necessary for so many things so a team of 29 doctors created a new tongue for her, using a vein and skin from her arm. Welcome to modern medicine. Procedures like this are no longer crazy obscure. About 10 years ago, my sister had skin taken from her thigh and put in her mouth. This was to build up the tissue in her jaw enough to support posts and dental implants. It was an often painful and lengthy process with set backs along the way. But today, you would never know that her jaw had to be reconstructed and hopefully this woman with her new arm-tongue will recover just as well. I mean, once you beat cancer and then get a new tongue made from your own arm, the world is yours to be conquered. Check out the story and maybe you won't feel so bitchy about your own life today.