JFK Airport Turned the Old TWA Terminal into a Hotel and I'm Packing My Bag

You know that my goal in life is to collect rich, unique experiences and hotel stays are a part of that. Woody and Wilcox like to give me the business for staying in a renovated school bus in Shelby. That was a fantastic AirBnB and I would do it again. Exploring unique spaces and places is my joy in life and now I cannot wait to get to JFK airport in New York to check out their latest "experiment". They've turned the old and long empty TWA terminal into a hotel and event space, refurbished in some places to keep the original mid century modern design of the times. For travel convenience, I don't think you can beat it and the prices start in the $200/night range which is on the low end for NYC. But think about it. When in your life will you get the chance to eat sleep and play in an old airplane terminal?!?! And if you're worried about planes keeping you up all night, don't. Each room has the second thickest glass in the world to keep out the noise. (Now how do I get that sound proof bubble to keep me safe from W &W?). Check out the hotel here.