Steven Tyler Opens Janie's House and Now I Love Him Even More

Fun fact: I love Aerosmith and I've seen them in concert countless times, starting in high school! And they were "old" then. So when I stumbled across this good news from Steven Tyler, my heart grew three sizes larger. Janie's Fund was started by Steven Tyler (along with some additional hefty donations from big names across music) to help girls who have been abused or neglected, like Janie from the classic Janie's Got A Gun. As a part of that mission, the second Janie's House opened in Memphis earlier this month. The first opened in Atlanta in 2017. This will be home to 14 girls at a time (about 30 per year) and will provide support and therapy for abuse victims. Check out the full story here and also learn more about how you can get involved with Janie's Fund! We don't deserve you, Steven Tyler. Now take all my money and play me songs and help our girls live great lives.