It's International Women's Day and Even Nike is Celebrating

Wilcox asked this morning if International Women's Day is a "bigger deal" this year and at first I laughed because of his phrasing. But after thinking about it, it does feel like a bigger event than in years past. Although my timeline for life is shaky, a lot has happened over the past year. Our iHeart office is run by women these days which is amazing since I was alone in the dirty man pool of radio for so many years. The Me Too movement is growing. There are more women with more diverse backgrounds who have been elected to political offices than ever before. Serena Williams had a baby and still managed to kick ass, fight with a judge, take heat and come out on top. There is a momentum that continues to build as women become more active in issues facing our country. And Nike, no stranger to stirring controversy, is a part of it too. Their ad below begins, "We Named Our Shoes After a Woman". You may blink or nap or stomp your feet and protest this day but in the end remember, not one of us would be here without women.